Ice Rink Nostalgia




Everyone has that song. The one that comes on the radio and immediately takes you back to a moment at an unforgettable concert. Or that one film that instantaneously transports you back to an occasion when you watched it with your best friend. Those nostalgic moments seem especially poignant and frequent when abroad.

This past weekend while ice skating with friends, my mind wandered back to when I was a child and my parents would take advantage of the frigid winters in Minnesota by making a weekend outing to a nearby ice rink. My poor parents usually had to drag me to what I then perceived as the most miserable family activity ever. I would, more often than not, whine about the stiff skates cutting off circulation in my toes, rendering me numb. Even though I didn’t appreciate ice skating as an opportunity for the family bonding that it was, it remains a vivid memory. It’s funny that something that was a tradition so long ago raced back into my memory so immediately while ice skating with friends this weekend.

It’s gratifying to know that I can still actually skate. Ice skating is now on my list of things to do next winter 🙂