Fist Pumping

Friday, September 14 & Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shopping Center in Sanlitun

This past weekend I got the chance to meet a bunch of people who are here through AIESEC. I was surprised that many of them had been here for years, while a few were newbies like me. The two newer AIESECers don’t speak Chinese either and we bonded over stories about our encounters with the language barrier.

One of them, a Brazillian guy, made me feel lucky about my own living and work situation. He said he was living with seven other guys who only speak Chinese and he communicates with people in his company solely through Google translate since they speak only Chinese as well.

On Saturday, Keith and I managed to drag our shy Chinese roommate, Jake, out with us to Sanlitun,¬†a more Americanized area of Beijing where it’s common to see foreigners¬†(hmm…I’m now considered a foreigner). Keith was determined to get Jake to talk to girls. His dance lesson made me think of the movie Hitch¬†(okay, very different, but the same idea).

Watch Jake learn to fist pump.