Friday September 7, 2012

My roommate Keith and I wanted to check out the night life in Beijing and having heard a lot about Sanlitun, we headed there. Most places are easy to locate by subway, so we found ourselves waiting for a few minutes for the subway to arrive…and I found myself subject to a paparazzi attack.

As someone who blatantly looks like a foreigner, I am often stared at. But a Chinese guy waiting for the subway beside us was staring on a whole other level. After a full minute of gawking I smiled and waved. He blushed, quickly averted his eyes, then took his phone out and held it up at me. I just about died laughing at how obvious he was about taking my picture. Keith started speaking to him in Chinese and managed to get the guy to admit he thought I was pretty. Maybe that is how the fellas pick up girls here.